What is a Dash Invita

A Dash Invites (“Dash Invita”), is an event held at the place of business of a merchant who currently accepts Dash as a form of payment (“Dash merchant”) where new Dash users receive, individually or in successive groups of less than 10 people at a time, a short, dynamic training of about 10 minutes that covers the following points:

  • what is dash
  • why use dash
  • how to install a Dash wallet (and they install it)
  • how to store your recovery phrase (and they store it on the recovery card)
  • how to send, receive, buy and sell dash (and they receive dash and almost all of them also spend some)

The training requires that each user complete each step on their own. No one does it for them – this is strictly prohibited because the goal is for the user to learn how to use dash and therefore be self-sufficient and independent. However, individualized guidance is constantly offered.

As part of this process, the new user connects with Dash Colombia via email and whatsapp, so that we can continue providing educational resources, event notices, news and more on an ongoing basis.

One by one, users who complete the installation, recovery phrase recording, and connection process are shown how to send and receive real, live payments using the app, and never with paper wallets. They receive between USD$4 and USD$8 in dash (ideally an amount that enables them to make a purchase and still have dash leftover) and are directed to the merchant to make a purchase, if they so desire.

Users are not required to spend their new dash, and are told this. They may do with it as they please. There is no pressure to do anything in particular with their new dash, as one of the key principles of Dash is individual liberty.

Attendees come mostly from the local neighborhood where the Dash merchant is located. They are, overwhelmingly, people completely new to Dash and cryptocurrency. Marketing is mostly small flyers advertising a free product or service and explaining how to install Dash, plus social media marketing and meetup.com announcements.

A Dash Colombia team member produces video of the event, focused on actions users take with Dash, including installation, listening to the talk, sending and receiving payments and interacting with the merchant.

These are the essential elements of a Dash Invita, without which an event can not be properly called a Dash Invita:

  • takes place at a Dash merchant’s permanent place of business
  • attendees mostly come from the local neighborhood
  • attendees install Dash wallets with guidance but not manual help, they do it by themselves and no one does it for them
  • attendees are free to spend their dash as they please and are given an amount slightly above what they are expected to spend at the merchant, so they have a reason to not delete their Dash wallet

If you add this to the event, it is no longer a Dash Invita:

  • one or more talks of more than 15 minutes each where users sit passively and listen without experiencing directly themselves any aspect of Dash.
  • the use of paper wallets
  • the use of support staff who handle users’ phones and perform actions on their behalf on the users’ phones
  • the gifting of only the specific amount of dash required to buy one thing, or the obligation that users spend their dash at the merchant or the requirement or implication that they only spend their dash on a certain product.

The purpose of a Dash Invita is to bring new users into Dash and have them immediately experience (not be told, or educated about or presented to, but actually experience directly themselves) the pleasure of using Dash to send and receive payments in their local neighborhoods at existing Dash merchants, where the user can return over and over again.

The Dash Invita establishes new commercial relationships among consumers and merchants in their local area, weaving Dash into the local economic context in a fashion that can be sustainable; in other words, in a way such that it is convenient for consumers and merchants to continue transacting in dash.

A Dash Invita breaks out of the theoretical or academic mold and creates an experience for users, refusing to waste consumers’ time with endless talk and instead capturing their interest with the practical experience of using Dash.

A Dash Invita is in contrast to a meetup or conference, where people are pulled out of their neighborhoods and existing commercial relationships to spend long periods of time sitting passively, listening to long, academic or theoretical talks and not experiencing directly themselves the use of Dash to send and receive payments. There may be merchants present at a meetup or conference but even so this does not constitute the beginning of a sustainable economic relationship involving Dash because the buyer has not yet oriented to the seller in terms of the seller’s habitual geographical location (their store, or place of business).

The concept of a Dash Invita was invented by Samuel Barbosa, George Donnelly and Juan Usuga.

George Donnelly has executed at least two dozen Dash Invitas in Medellín, Colombia with hundreds of people collectively in attendance (between 12 and 96 people per event) since June 2018.

The author of this document is George Donnelly, Coordinator of Dash Colombia.

Last update: 29 October 2018

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